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MARS 2024 - ClubOcean® Actions

MARS 2024 - ClubOcean® Actions

As we embark on the month of March, ClubOcean® continues its commitment to ocean conservation and biodiversity preservation. This month, we are excited to share with you our initiatives aimed at supporting more marine protection organizations. 🐠

Together, united in our common mission, we strive for a future where oceans are preserved, biodiversity thrives, and the lives of marine animals are safeguarded. Join us on this journey to make a lasting positive impact for our blue planet. 💙



  • Dekafok is primarily dedicated to the protection of sea turtles along the Manavgat coastline. During the nesting season, the organization patrols the beaches to ensure peaceful nesting, installing protective fences around the nests to prevent damage from human activity during incubation. 🥚
  • It also raises awareness of local legislation protecting sea turtles in Turkey. The Mediterranean is home to three of the world's seven species of sea turtles, with populations finding vital refuge along the Turkish coasts. 🏥
  • However, these species face numerous threats, including coastal development, intensive tourism, plastic pollution, and bycatch in commercial fisheries, leading to their classification as endangered or vulnerable species according to the IUCN Red List. 🌊 

You can read more about Dekafok in this article


Thanks to sales of ECO Products and NOT PLASTIC iPhone Cases, a beach clean-up was carried out in collaboration with R.O.L.E on March 15th, 2024 and a total of 507.09kg of waste was collected from Kuta beach.


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