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JUNE 2024 - ClubOcean® Actions

JUNE 2024 - ClubOcean® Actions

During June, we are committed to preserving marine life by taking action to protect our oceans and their unique inhabitants, all made possible by our incredible community. With your support, we can raise awareness and implement effective conservation strategies to ensure a sustainable future for our marine ecosystems. 🫧🐋

Join ClubOcean® on an impactful adventure as we partner with dedicated organizations to support marine wildlife conservation worldwide. Together, we will explore innovative solutions, engage in hands-on initiatives, and make a lasting difference for the health of our oceans and the creatures that call them home.🦑🩵


 Learn more about them  here


 Learn more about them here 


 Learn more about them here 


1800$ donated this month

Our long-standing partners have been able to continue their work with passion and success this month thanks to you. A total of $1,800 was donated this month to continue the fight at their side.

Thank you to them and thank you to you ! 🌍 


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