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Dekafok (Donation)

Dekafok (Donation)

We are happy to announce that ClubOcean supports Dekafok in the conservation of marine life and the protection of sea turtles in Turkey. 🌊🐢

Dekafok is committed to protecting and supporting coastal life, particularly sea turtles. Since its creation in 2020, it has implemented initiatives such as the first “Official Center for Observation of Coastal Information and Environmental Education”.

In addition, it carries out awareness and education actions through activities such as waste collection on beaches, having already made it possible to collect 17 tonnes of waste between April and October 2022. These actions aim to promote sustainable use of coasts and to protect the species that live there, particularly sea turtles.


With its coasts bordered by the waters of the Mediterranean and Black Seas, Turkey is home to an incredible diversity of marine species, of which sea turtles are an integral part.

To face these challenges, the Dekafok association carries out actions to safeguard endangered turtles, striving to limit the risks for them, protect nests and monitor beaches to avoid harmful human activities.
The association organizes awareness campaigns among local communities to make them understand the importance of preserving sea turtles and their environment.



This first donation will allow Dekafok to prepare to conduct research and conservation work during the breeding and nesting period of sea turtles.

We are deeply grateful for your support of Dekafok in Turkey and your commitment to the preservation of marine life and especially turtles. Together we can build a future where sea turtles continue to swim freely in Turkish waters for future generations..💙

Note: this blog post simply presents donations made to Dekafok, ClubOcean is not an official partner of Reefscapers. See proof of donations below.





If you want to learn more about Dekafok's work or support them directly, check out their official website right here.