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SCAM ALERT: ClubOcean targeted by counterfeiters (Reported by Sea Turtle Conservancy)

SCAM ALERT: ClubOcean targeted by counterfeiters (Reported by Sea Turtle Conservancy)

This article serves as a response to the recent "SCAM ALERT" message published by Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC), in which ClubOcean was erroneously cited as a "scam" among other websites.

We have made multiple attempts to reach out to STC to address this issue, but considering the importance of their mission and the respect we have for them, we did not wish to persist.

However, we believe it is essential to clarify the misunderstandings surrounding ClubOcean and set the record straight.


FAKE Club Ocean websites !

In recent times, several counterfeit websites, purporting to be associated with ClubOcean, have emerged.

These fraudulent platforms not only offer substandard products (evident through broken product images, poor material quality, and discoloration) but also engage in scams that pose a threat to customers' financial security. We strongly advise caution when encountering such sites.

In contrast, ClubOcean has been a reputable provider of genuine animal tracking bracelets for a significant period.


Our products have been tested extensively and have garnered over 1000 positive reviews from satisfied customers. We prioritize maintaining a high standard of quality and are in the process of patenting our own unique designs to further distinguish ourselves from imitations.


Sea Turtle Conservancy alerted by these websites.

It has come to our attention that these fraudulent websites are falsely claiming to provide animal tracking features that possibly redirect users to STC tracking (It's a hypothesis), leading to unwarranted confusion and discrediting our legitimate operations.

We want to emphasize that ClubOcean is committed to carrying out real actions, including donations and awareness campaigns, which are visibly documented on our website.

Transparency and Accountability of Club Ocean

At ClubOcean, we place a significant emphasis on transparency.

To ensure our customers are well-informed, we provide monthly reports detailing our progress and initiatives.

Our primary goal for this year is to reach €50,000 in donations. We believe in the power of awareness and actively engage in partnerships with relevant organizations to promote the conservation of sea turtles and their habitats. We are currently in the process of forging new alliances that will further amplify our impact.

Looking Ahead :

Our hope is that this article will help prevent the proliferation of fraudulent websites and ultimately lead to the removal of ClubOcean from STC's list.

We sincerely believe that collaboration among conservation organizations is vital to achieving our shared objectives.

We remain committed to working alongside STC and similar institutions to protect endangered species and their ecosystems.


Conclusion : Be Careful with FAKE Club Ocean around !

ClubOcean categorically denies any involvement in scams or fraudulent activities. We have a longstanding history of providing authentic animal tracking bracelets, backed by positive customer feedback and a commitment to quality.

We urge customers to exercise caution when encountering counterfeit websites and to support legitimate organizations like ClubOcean that actively contribute to marine conservation efforts.

We remain hopeful that STC will recognize our genuine intentions and remove our name from their list. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in safeguarding our oceans and the magnificent creatures that inhabit them.


Thank's for reading !

Lisa, ClubOcean Team