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Our Mission



Faced with the observation of one of the greatest planetary catastrophes, we created Club Ocean ©.
Our goal, to act actively for the depollution of the oceans and the protection of the marine fauna which undergoes more and more with difficulty the human activity and its drifts ...
For this we contribute to cleaning the oceans of plastics, polluted beaches on which turtles can no longer find places to lay eggs and we are mobilizing for the rescue and protection of endangered marine species (Sea Turtles and Sharks principally).



Our main action lies in making the world aware of the critical situation of certain animal species. Most of our income is invested in awareness campaigns on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat ...) in order to document and inform where large associations struggle to find listening ears.

🐢 Turtles :
The number of Turtles found lifeless following ingestion of plastic has grown steadily for 10 years and increased by 23% between 2019 and 2021.
Beaches where turtles have laid eggs for centuries are being destroyed or covered by plastic pollution, reducing their reproduction even as living specimens are threatened.
🦈 Sharks :
The illegal hunting of sharks drastically reduces their numbers every year due to the consumption of fin meat. These are real massacres which occur with complete impunity, this partly favored by the negative image broadcast by the cinema which does not push the authorities to act.



Our second action is found in the contribution and funding of associative missions to clean up beaches and oceans and therefore to the direct rescue of Sea Turtles and Sharks injured or released into the wild.

Each bracelet symbolically contributes to the equivalent of 160 plastic bottles withdrawn from the oceans, which is equal to 2kg per bracelet.

In addition, our support allows you to access the monitoring of rescued turtles and sharks in order to let you watch over them, discover their history and carry on you a strong symbol capable of raising awareness among those around you.



Thanks to our growing Club, we are already able to reach tens of thousands of people every day. The more bracelets we sell, the more people join our movement, the more awareness we create in addition to helping clean up the oceans and the survival of marine species.

We look forward to seeing you join the adventure!