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APRIL 2024 - ClubOcean® Actions

APRIL 2024 - ClubOcean® Actions

For this month of April, our commitment to marine conservation takes center stage as we dive into action to protect our oceans and the incredible creatures that call them home. 🐳

Join ClubOcean® on a journey of impact as we partner with dedicated organizations and discover how to make a difference for marine wildlife around the globe. 🌊



Through our support, Ocean Gardener was able to expand their coral restoration projects, nurturing and replanting endangered coral species. Ocean Gardener successfully planted 110 new corals, contributing to the preservation of these vital underwater ecosystems. By safeguarding these ecosystems, we're not just protecting biodiversity but also ensuring the livelihoods of local communities dependent on healthy marine environments. 🐠 





Every month, ClubOcean® commits to supporting Ocean Gardner in its efforts in the coral preservation



    Bali Beach Clean up

    R.O.L.E Foundation x ClubOcean®

    Our ongoing collaboration with R.O.L.E in conducting monthly beach clean-ups continues to play a vital role in marine species conservation efforts. Additionally, we reinforce this initiative through the sale of our eco-friendly products, actively contributing to the cause. ♻️


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