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Madagascar Whale Shark Partnership 🌊

Madagascar Whale Shark Partnership 🌊

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Madagascar Whale Shark Project, an organisation dedicated to the protection of Whale Sharks in Madagascar. Our collaboration aims to study Whale Sharks off the coast of Madagascar through a new tagging mission.


What is Madagascar Whale Shark Project ?

The Madagascar Whale Shark Project is a collaborative research and conservation project created in 2016.
The project has been committed for several years to protecting and studying Madagascar's whale sharks, a globally threatened species now listed as an endangered species on IUCN’s Red List. Through field research, citizen science and partnerships with local organisations, the charity also raises awareness about the importance of preserving this majestic animal and its ecosystem.

The charity works closely with tourism operators and local authorities to put in place regulations to further recognise and protect whale shark habitat. As the first project studying whale shark population in Madagasca, it also contributes to improving scientific knowledge about this species both at the regional and global scale.


The aim of this collaboration :

As part of this collaboration, we funded two new tags in late 2023, which have been deployed on whale sharks off the coast of Madagascar by the field team. These tags will provide unique depth data, which will complement another ongoing study using acoustic tags, and help understand what whale sharks do when they are not in the study area. More generally, the tags will enable the Madagascar Whale Shark Project to further study the movements and migration patterns of Whale Sharks, which will greatly contribute to the implementation of regulation for their protection. We are happy to contribute to this tagging mission and we hope that this data will be valuable for the conservation of this fascinating species.


Sponsor Action :

Stemming from the efforts of the ClubOcean community, particularly with the release of soft toys, we were able to finance 2 tags.


It is important to support and encourage the actions of the Madagascar Whale Shark Project for the preservation of these marine animals and their habitat. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a better future for whale sharks and Madagascar's marine biodiversity; which is incredibly rich and biodiverse.
If you want to know more about them, here is the link to their website and you can also support them directly by going to this link :

Thank you for your help.

Together, the Club is stronger !