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African Penguin Nest Project (Penguin Nests Sponsoring)

African Penguin Nest Project (Penguin Nests Sponsoring)

ClubOcean supports the African Penguin Nest Project in its efforts to conserve and protect Cape penguins in South Africa. 🐧🌊

The African Penguin Nest Project is an initiative dedicated to the preservation of Cape penguins, an emblematic species of southern Africa. Once abundant, these penguins are now critically endangered due to habitat loss, pollution and climate change.

The association works actively to protect the Cape penguin colonies in South Africa. They closely monitor nesting sites, protect nests from predators, and contribute to scientific research to better understand the needs and threats facing these seabirds.

The African Penguin Nest Project also plays an important role in environmental education, raising awareness among local people and visitors of the challenges facing Cape penguins. They organize educational tours and awareness programs to promote harmonious coexistence between humans and marine wildlife.


500$ Donation


This financial support will help sustain their ongoing efforts to protect Cape penguins, as well as their educational and outreach programs.

We are deeply grateful for your support of African Penguin Nest Project and your commitment to the protection of marine animals. Together, we can work to preserve these incredible species and the marine ecosystems on which they depend.💙

Note : this blog post simply presents a donation made to Saving Penguins, ClubOcean is not an official partner of Saving Penguins. See proof of donation below.

If you would like to learn more about the work of Saving Penguins or support them directly, discover their official website right here.