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Reefscapers (Coral Frame Sponsoring)

Reefscapers (Coral Frame Sponsoring)

ClubOcean supports Reefscapers in their efforts to conserve and protect Coral reefs in Maldives. 🌊🪸

Reefscapers is an independent marine consultation company that aims to restore coral reefs in the Maldives and worldwide.

Since its creation in 2000 by Thomas Le Berre and Marie Saleem, Reefscapers has developed partnerships with various resorts around the Maldives, and have now transplanted more than 8000 coral frames into the ocean

The Maldives, with its magnificent reefs, is home to an incredible variety of marine life, but also faces threats such as coral bleaching and marine environmental degradation.

Reefscapers' dedicated team works on coral preservation projects, collecting damaged coral fragments and cultivating them in underwater nurseries. Once the corals have matured, they are replanted on the reefs, helping to restore damaged coral areas.


600€ Coral Frame Sponsoring (Donation)


This donation will enable the planting of a large coral block (108 corals) in the Maldives with Reefscapers.

We are deeply grateful for your support of Reefscapers in the Maldives and your commitment to coral reef preservation. Together, we can make a real difference in protecting these fragile ecosystems and the rich diversity of marine life that depends on them.💙

Note : this blog post simply presents a donation made to Reefscapers, ClubOcean is not an official partner of Reefscapers. See proof of donation below.

If you would like to learn more about the work of Reefscapers or support them directly, discover their official website right here.