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Bali Sea turtle society (Donation)

Bali Sea turtle society (Donation)

ClubOcean supports the Bali Sea Turtle Society in its efforts to conserve and protect sea turtles in Bali. 🐢🌊

The Bali Sea Turtle Society is an organization committed to preserving the sea turtles that frequent Bali's beaches. Since its creation, the association has worked actively to protect these vulnerable species and preserve their natural habitats.

The association conducts beach monitoring programs to identify sea turtle nesting sites and protect their eggs. Bali Sea Turtle Society members patrol beaches at night, collecting eggs for safekeeping in artificial nests, and keeping a close watch until the baby turtles hatch. They also organize turtle release operations into the ocean, offering young turtles a chance of survival.

In addition to their field activities, the Bali Sea Turtle Society strives to raise awareness among local people and visitors of the importance of sea turtle conservation. They organize educational programs, workshops and community events to promote harmonious coexistence between humans and sea turtles.

1050$ Donation


Ce soutien financier contribuera à soutenir leurs initiatives de conservation, y compris la surveillance des plages, la protection des œufs et l'éducation environnementale.

Nous sommes extrêmement reconnaissants de votre soutien envers la Bali Sea Turtle Society et votre engagement envers la préservation des tortues marines. Ensemble, nous pouvons œuvrer pour assurer un avenir prometteur aux tortues marines de Bali et préserver la richesse des écosystèmes marins.💙

Note : this blog post simply presents a donation made to Sea Turtle Society, ClubOcean is not an official partner of Bali Sea Turtle Society. See proof of donation below.


UPDATE (09.2023) : 

A new donation of $550 was made on 28.09 on behalf of the Club Ocean community.



If you would like to learn more about the work of Sea Turtle Society or support them directly, discover their official website right here.