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Each item sold contributes directly to protect endangered sea animals

Already 38'505€ donated for animals 💙

And always more actions sponsored each month with our partners


  • Sea Turtles Sea Turtles
  • Sharks Sharks
  • Polar Bears Polar Bears
  • Whales Whales
  • Dolphins Dolphins
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Our recent contributions :

Beach Cleanups : R.O.L.E x ClubOcean® (Partnership)

Beach Cleanups : R.O.L.E x ClubOcean® (Partnership)

In partnership with ClubOcean®, R.O.L.E organizes a monthly beach clean-up in Bali, Indonesia.These actions are supported by the sale of ECO products (Bottles and Tote-Bags) as well as the sale of "NOT-PLASTIC" phone covers. Order these products JUST HEREFor each sale of these products, we promis...
Reefscapers (Coral Frame Sponsoring)

Reefscapers (Coral Frame Sponsoring)

ClubOcean supports Reefscapers in their efforts to conserve and protect Coral reefs in Maldives. 🌊🪸Reefscapers is an independent marine consultation company that aims to restore coral reefs in the Maldives and worldwide. Since its creation in 2000 by Thomas Le Berre and Marie Saleem, Reefscapers...
Bali Sea turtle society (Donation)

Bali Sea turtle society (Donation)

ClubOcean supports the Bali Sea Turtle Society in its efforts to conserve and protect sea turtles in Bali. 🐢🌊The Bali Sea Turtle Society is an organization committed to preserving the sea turtles that frequent Bali's beaches. Since its creation, the association has worked actively to protect the...
The Turtle Hospital (Donation)

The Turtle Hospital (Donation)

ClubOcean supports The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida (USA), in its efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and release sea turtles. 🐢🏥The Turtle Hospital is a care center specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of sea turtles in distress. Located in Florida, this dedicated facility is dedic...
Final-Straw-Foundation (Donation)

Final-Straw-Foundation (Donation)

ClubOcean supports the Final Straw Foundation in its efforts to protect the oceans and combat plastic pollution. 🌊🚯The Final Straw Foundation is an organization dedicated to raising awareness and reducing the use of single-use plastic, in particular plastic straws, which are one of the main sour...
LoggerHead Marinelife Center (Donation)

LoggerHead Marinelife Center (Donation)

ClubOcean supports the LoggerHead Marinelife Center based in Florida (USA) in its actions to protect Marine Turtles. 🐢 - The Loggerhead Marinelife Center, located in Loggerhead Park in Juno Beach, Florida, is a sea turtle research, rehabilitation, education and conservation center. Founded in 19...

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Plastic bottles or equivalent waste removed from beaches and oceans

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