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APRIL 2023 - ClubOcean® Actions

APRIL 2023 - ClubOcean® Actions

ClubOcean® is much more than a brand and bracelets. It's a real club, with ACTIONS, done by and on behalf of everyone!

It's finally time to reveal the actions carried out in APRIL 2023 !


5000 Plastic Bottles


This is a first for ClubOcean, we have committed to removing 100 plastic bottles from the oceans for every ECO Reusable Bottle sold at launch!

It was a success so we did it again for the launch of our ECO Reusable Bag!

Many of you have told us how much you appreciated the operation so we are thinking of ways to continue to do it ourselves rather than working with partner companies like PlastikBank. We will of course keep you posted and we already have some nice surprises in mind!


100'000 followers


Every day, we post content around the oceans on our Instagram account

It's a great way to learn more but most importantly to be amazed by the immense beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants.

We are very happy to be now over 100'000, all together, the ClubOcean is stronger than ever! Thanks to all of you!


0 Plastic used


We believe that every gesture counts, and in the bracelet and accessory industry, packaging is a real ecological disaster...

We have made sure to always choose the most environmentally friendly option when we can and we are proud to offer our small burlap bags, which may be less conspicuous, but much more environmentally friendly. And that's what we all prefer!


3 Support


As we do every month, we invite you to share with us the charities you would like to see featured on ClubOcean and to which we make donations on behalf of everyone!

In April, we supported "Des Requins et des Hommes" (France), "Pieterburen" (Netherlands) and "Les Perles de la Côte Bleue" (France).

Find the articles about these supports by clicking on their names above !



Get ready for the next May update !

We are currently working on a great project in New Caledonia that we had in mind for many months.
And moreover... Incredible new products are coming to our catalog !

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Thanks for reading !
The ClubOcean® team