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MAY 2023 - ClubOcean® Actions

MAY 2023 - ClubOcean® Actions

ClubOcean® is much more than a brand and bracelets. It's a real club, with ACTIONS, done by and on behalf of everyone!

It's finally time to reveal the actions carried out in MAY 2023 !


5750 Plastic Bottles


We are committed to removing 1kg of plastic from oceans and beaches (the equivalent of around 100 bottles) for every ECO item sold.

And SURPRISE, a new product that's sure to please has just been added to the ClubOcean range! Details below...👀


2 Partnerships Started


We're talking about it now because the agreements have been reached, but we'll be doing dedicated articles with great content and images when the planned actions are carried out.

We'll keep some surprises in store for you!

The first association is based in New Caledonia and works to protect marine turtles. 🐢

ClubOcean will make regular donations and support the complete egg-laying cycle of sea turtles. 

The second is located in Bali, Indonesia, and works to clean up beaches and the ocean. Regular clean-up operations are already underway ! 🌊

We can't wait to experience all this for ourselves, and to produce some superb images for you!


NEW Ecological Products


It's the big launch of this colorful range we've been working on for months !

With its unique, patented, 100% biodegradable material (produced from agricultural waste), the ClubOcean case offers extreme, natural protection without harming the planet in any way.

What's more, the hulls directly contribute to our ocean clean-up program: for every case sold, we commit to removing 1kg of plastic from the oceans.

Strong protection that doesn't harm the planet and finances an operation that makes it cleaner - it's possible !


1260$ donations in total


As we do every month, we invite you to share with us the charities you would like to see featured on ClubOcean and to which we make donations on behalf of everyone!

In May, we supported "Final Straw Foundation" (UK) and "Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC)" (UK) and we also participated in the crowdfunding campaign of our friends DRDH (They are raising funds to renovate their scientific expedition boat and need our support! Link HERE)

Find the articles about these supports by clicking on their names above !


Get ready for the next June update !

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Thanks for reading !
The ClubOcean® team